Service robots in human-inhabited spaces

No dia 11 de dezembro pelas 11:00 no Auditório do DEM (22.3.1) decorrerá uma palestra do prof. Luís Merino da Universidade de Olavide, Sevilha, Espanha intitulada de “Service robots in human-inhabited spaces”

Service robots is one of the most promising applications of robotics. It is expected that technology will allow in the mid-term to deploy robots in everyday environments to offer services like guidance, transport of people and goods, etc. Several challenges lay ahead, though, before robots can act robustly in these scenarios. In the talk, different related aspects and techniques will be described, like localization and navigation in crowded environments. Furthermore, it will be shown how robots can be integrated within the infrastructure of cities, and collaborate with fixed sensors and actuators embedded in this infrastructure to perform their services. Finally, it will be described how human-awareness should be integrated into these robots to enhance their acceptance, becoming real social robots. The talk will describe real robot deployments in pedestrian scenarios in the frame of the EU projects URUS and FROG.”